Fishing Reports

Truckee River, CA

Starting at the confluence of Prosser Creek and the Truckee River going downstream to state line.

CFS: 91 ft3/s at Prosser Creek confluence (click for most up-to-date flows)

CFS: 265 ft3/s at Boca bridge,00060 (click for most up-to-date flows)

Hatches: midges, scuds, baetis, stoneflies, egg patterns, worms, sculpin, and minnows (bait-fish)

Winter is here and trout are slowing down a bit with these cold-water temps. This time of the year is my favorite time to fish, quality over quantity ha-ha… Trout feeding times throughout the day will shorten up a bit with less frequency making it a bit more difficult to get a bite so be persistent. That being said try not to run around a lot looking for a feeding trout, pick a good spot to fish and fish it really good and don’t waste too much time running around.  Nymphing strategies will work the best during the winter, utilize that indicator for those slower deeper drifts and use the euro nymphing in the shallower sections. Small black and green nymphs have been working the best for me in the size 16-20 range; if need be, go down on tippet size generally around 6x mainly for the euro setup. Dry fly takes a huge hit this time of the year, but slow short drifts of baetis emergers usually work well. mid-day streamers work well just slow down the stripping.

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